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by Rihanah, Composed of a handful of notes, Areej Al Shouk is an impressive floral woody musk fragrance for women. Assorted floral, woods and spices mingle with earthy musk to produce a long-lasting perfume with a heavy sillage. Sophisticated and captivating, the scent is especially appropriate for mature and confident women to wear in the spring and summer months. When you dab this elixir on to your pulse points, you unfurl and relax into the warm spicy, floral and powdery accords. Romantic and powerful, this regal perfume transforms you and your daytime and evening assignations with its aromatic magic.

United Arab Emirates fragrance house Rihanah released the fragrance in the 2000s. The company presents it in a spherical cut-glass flacon and matching cap. The lower portion of the flacon is encircled by a gold filigree crown set with red embellishments. Double gold rings encircle the base and neck. The opulent presentation complements the fragrance's luxury

A gentle powder puff of white musk will play a concert of sensuality and breathability in the perfume caress Areej Al Musk.

Chords of fragile violets are easily crept into the musk nooks, which are complemented by a green echo of the leaves and stems, to which is added an outline of earthiness in the chypre note of the vetiver.

Other touches of flowers will be presented by whitish lilies and dreamy greenery scented water hyacinth, intertwining its tones with meadow grasses, showing their intensity after a summer storm.

The musk enchants with its transformations from a smoothly sweet breeze, through a fresh, as if frosted line to a powdered melancholy, into the trick of which dry mosses easily enter the end.

Areej Al Musk Perfume


About the Product

Brand Rihanah
Fragrance Family Floral
Fragrance Name Areej Al Musk
Fragrance Classification Perfume
Volume 100 ml
Gender Women
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